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Development Strategy of CWRCT

Current assessment of CWRCT

- The status of the CWRCT has been assessed as the following (i) the Consultation quality is good based on the national standards. However, in the context of global integration, there are still a gap between the center Consultation quality and the international and regional centers; (ii) the infrastructure and facilities is at average level but out-of-date if compare with the international and regional standards; (iii) the human resource rank s fairy good level at national scale; (iv) the international cooperation and technology transfer are from not-good to moderate level.

a. Infrastructure

- Recently, huge efforts have been made to improve the infrastructure of CWRCT using both state budget and the center finance resource. However, as mentioned on the current assessment, the facilities of CWRCT is still inadequate and under degradation process. Especially, the laboratory is not available and the working space of the center staff is not enough.

b. Human resources

- Although the center staff is young, active, and well-trained, they are still lack of experience and have limitation in foreign language. However, in comparison with other government agencies, we self-evaluate that the center staff capacity rank at moderately good level. In the future, if capacity building is paid enough attention especially develop intensive knowledge staff, improve the English competency, the Center will be able to compete with other agencies and integrate into global context.

c. Consultation and technology transfer

- Because this is the center for Consultation and technology transfer, all the results of our international and national researches need applying into reality through the construction and investment projects. However, the projects are limited and only support the Consultation area not the technology transfer. For that reason, the Consultation quality is not high enough in comparison with the professional Consultation companies at national and regional scale.

d. International Cooperation

- Recently, the CWRCT has tried to approach and seek the international cooperation chances. However, there is only some study tours conducted. International cooperation researches and studies are limited, especially the project on appliance of technology and design Consultation. In comparison with other agency in the field of international cooperation, the CWRCT is rank at average level.
Development perspectives of CWRCT

- The development strategy of the CWRCT has been prepared based on the following perspectives:

- The quality is the most centered and important of each service and product related to Consultation and technology transfer. The capacity of CWRCT staff will be enhanced in order to elevate the center’s profile and build the trademark;

- Take the international standards as the guidance to implement the professional activities and meet the new requirements in the context of global integration;

- Professionalize in terms of organizational structure and human resource development. Regarding to the organizational arrangements, organize and develop the all the center divisions in a professional manner, promote the economic and standardized working style. It is necessary to reform the organizational structure and develop human resource scale to suit with the needs of work. Gain the initiative to re-arrange the human resource, lay off in consistent staff in order to develop the Center.

- Take renovation in management thinking, design and Consultation concept. Create a friendly and professional environment to encourage and nourish the innovative ideas

- Develop step by step and follow the clear road map: Take the consultation and technology transfer activities as the foundation to implement other activities. Expand operations into other countries in the region and to the worldwide scale. In the long run, expand and develop the science and technology in the field of irrigation, water resource, and natural disaster management. Currently, focus on domestic activities and then gradually expand and promote these activities to other countries in the region

Objectives to 2020

- Develop the Center for Water Resource Consultation and Technology Transfer to become the high credibility, good reputation in the field of water resource, dyke and climate change Consultation. The Center will be totally active in terms of finance and has enough capacity in the context of international and regional integration
Opportunities and challenges:

- Climate change and sea level rise not only bring the challenges but also chances for CWRCT. There are some areas that the Center should focus on such as Develop design technologies to construct anti-inundation structures for coastal urban areas; renovate the design technologies on construction and upgrade of sea dyke system, and the safety of water reservoirs.

- The industrialization and urbanization process has certain impacts on the water resource planning. All the existing drainage and irrigation system should be reinforced, upgraded, and extended. The above process also higher the water using demand; therefore, the water resource works should be newly constructed as the multi-purpose structure (supply water for domestic use, for industrial zones, for thermal power plants, etc). Based on that fact, the Center should concentrate on that issue

- Protection and sustainable development for coastal areas: The Red River Delta is exposed to drought while the Me Kong River Delta and the other big coastal cities are vulnerable to sea level rise as well as the fresh water scarcities. Conduct the research on structural and non-structural measure to response and adapt to climate change is one of the strategies of the Center.

- It’s also necessary to make a list of major irrigation works that are under the construction. This is will be a chance for the Center to access to reality and also to apply the advanced technologies to production

Human resource development strategy


- Complete the organizational structure of the Center with the concentration on competency, capacity and giving more ownership to the staff. In addition, ensure the united power of the Center.

- Training is compulsory to management level staff.

- Standardize the staff, consultants, and technology transfer process.

- Develop the infrastructure for the Center; hence, it can reach to the advanced level of the region to 2020.


a. Complete the organizational structure:

- Specialize all the Center’s divisions and divide them into 2 groups based on its functions (1) administrative and specific functions group (2) Consultation, technology transfer, production and trading group.

- Regarding to the administrative and specific functions group: towards the streamline arrangements with appropriate finance mechanism to encourage staff to work and contribute to the center efficiently;

- Regarding to the Consultation, technology transfer, production and trading group, establish the expertise sub-groups that focus on these core areas such as dyke and revetment safety, water resources, climate change, irrigation, environmental technologies. Modernizations of irrigation systems. Take the full advantage of ownership and develop the center as an enterprise. Especially, enhance the capacity of staff and also the ability of product marketing. Develop a highly-qualified staff with standard and professional working style

b. Develop highly qualified and professional human resources:

- Develop the specific standards on expertise, foreign language which are suitable to each group of staff. All the processes of staff recruitment, training, arrangement, performance review should be followed these specific standards strictly;

- Attract, recognize, train and support staff that have the capacity to become the core members of the Center. Include them into the center planning and propose them into the leader positions; strongly reduce the number of staff who did not meet the requirements. To 2020, ensure that 50% have master degree or beyond, 90% can work and communicate in English;

- Attract experts to work at the Center and the Center's staff will practice and work abroad using the programs and projects of bilateral and multilateral cooperation;

- Promote the initiatives and technical innovations of each individual.

- Staff work in the fields of consultation and technology transfer should be provided training in order to build their capacity and assign the suitable tasks to them to develop themselves

- Provide training especially on the management, creativeness, and professionalization capacity for the leaders of each division. Staff are required to have certificate on their expertise and on the assigned field that they are undertaking. Consider the appointment and dismissal of management level and professional staff to be routine and necessary in the progress of develop the Center

- Ensure the income and create appropriate treatment for managers and professional staff; hence, they can devote totally to the development of the Center

- Conduct the performance review frequently using the standard criteria on human resource recruitment, training and utilization

c. Gradually develop the infrastructure and enhance the facilities to meet the international standards

- Step by step reinforce the Center’s headquarter infrastructure and facilities. Make the working space as the modern one to match with the requirement of the center and create and favorable, friendly working condition for the staff.

- Construct laboratories on geography, construction material according to the international standards for the working purposes of the Center.

- Gradually equip the Center’s staff with standard facilities, soft-wares which are reasonably fit to the financial resources of the Center

- Develop database system on science technology, especially the scientific information updating from the rest of the world.

- Develop mechanism, policies, standards on the field of water resource, dyke management.

Development on Consultation and Technology transfer on water resource sector


- Develop the trademark for the Center. Make it become a famous and first-rank agency in the field of water resource Consultation and technology transfer.

- Strive to higher the revenue from consulting and technology transfer than previous year about 5-10%; ensure income for employees higher at least 3 times than the base salary.


- Develop a mechanism for Consultation and technology transfer activities by providing more ownership to staff as well as improve the competition capacity of the Center.

- Apply advance technologies on developing the softwares which enhance the design capacity of staff.

- Fulfill the tasks and missions assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the Directorate of Water Resources. Develop the sectoral standard, norm and procedure. Participate in the process of natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation.

- Improve the Consultation and technology transfer quality by implementing the contract management procedure. Moreover, develop and deploy the quality control process according to the ISO standards - Gradually construct the laboratories on geo-technique, material testing that meet the international standards. Complete and stabilize the Quality control division and survey division.

- Conduct research on the appliance and transference of technologies on the fields of ecological dyke system (metastable dyke under the advanced technology of the world) into the land reclamation works in Mekong River Delta. Contribute to response effectively to the global climate change and sea level rise

- Organize extra activities to introduce market and advertise the products and services of the Center. Develop the e-library to utilize the database and document.

- Connect with other organizations, enterprises inside and outside the country in the fields of water resource Consultation, technology transfer.

5.3. Strategy on international cooperation


- Access the international standards of science and technology

- Implement the international programs and projects in order to strengthen the staff capacity and create more income for the Center.


- Quickly access to scientific and technological achievements in the field of sea and rive dyke design, irrigation works in the context of global integration and in line with the requirements of Vietnam development.

- Conduct the abroad training course or study tours for staff, apply transferred technologies from the developed countries

- Actively contact with international organizations to seek and implement the bilateral cooperative projects. Proactively propose the cooperation projects and programs between the Directorate of Water Resources, MARD and international organizations in order to seek the financial supports. Initially, focus on some main areas such as climate change, water reservoir safety, water resource management, ecological environment protection and desertification prevention.

- Spread out the international cooperation to other science and technology agencies inside and outside the region; incorporate and connect with international and national enterprises in the fields of consultation and technology transfer.

- Progressively expand the activity areas of the Center to other countries in the region and especially to the Indochina and Southeast Asia nations.

Strategy on finance


- Ensure of the ownership of the financial resources.

- Ensure the sustainable income for the Center’s staff

- Create more funds for the development activities of the Center.


- Develop and deploy the internal expenditure mechanism according to the Decree 43/2006/NĐ-CP.

- Proactively seek other financial resources from the international and national resources to develop the infrastructure and facilities for the Center.

- Make full use of existing infrastructure and resources to increase the financial resources for the Center

- Manage efficiently the financial resources of the Center according to the enterprise finance management mechanism.

- Develop a financial mechanism to encourage and attract the high – quality employees. Gradually elevate the Center status and ensure the sustainable development of the Center.

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