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Capacity of equipment and technology of contractor

Name of equipment
(Type, model, label)
Condition Quantity
I. For topography survey purposes      
 Ni030 Water level Good 04 Own
 Sokkia C320 Water level Good 02 Own
Electronic Distance Measurement NPL632 Good 04 Own
GPS Trimble R3 (US) Good 04 Own
GPS Hand-held (Garmin 12) Good 02 Own
Walkie-talkie Motorola GP3188 Good 04 Own
Lap top Good 01 Own
Reflective prism Sokkia KPS11 PT Good 08 Own
Reflector prism Sokkia ASPn34 Good 03 Own
Sokkia PSA1 Aluminum Tripod Good 03 Own
Sokkia PFA2 Aluminum Tripod Good 04 Own
Mia Good 03 Own
Ruler Good 03 Own
Ruler 20m Good 03 Own
Walkie-talkie Good 04 Own
II. For geology purposes      
Driller UKB 12.25 Good 01 Own
Driller XY-1 Good 01 Own
Pumb made in China Good 01 Own
Pumb HonDa WB20-XT Good 02 Own
Ruler 50m Good 03 Own
Ruler 20m Good 03 Own
III. Designing equipments      
Lap top Good 09 Own
Computer Good 80 Own
Laser printer A4 Good 11 Own
Printer A0 Good 01 Own
Color printer A3 Good 01 Own
Printer A3 Good 02 Own
Projector Good 02 Own
Fax Machine RICOH 1130L Good 01 Own
Photocopier RICOH Good 02 Own
Photocopier  A3, A4 Good 01 Own
Scanner Good 01 Own
Camera, movie camera Good 03 Own
IV. Specific software      
Topography software Good 01 Own
Forecasting software Good 04 Own
Plaxis 8.0 Software Good 01 Own
Geotechnical Engineering Software (Geo Slope, Sap) Good 02 Own
Designing software and other supporting software such as AutoCAD, TKK, etc. Good 01 Own
V. Other equipments      
Mitsubishi Car Good 02 Own
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